Klemens Von Metternich Blue Plaque Photo

Klemens von Metternich blue plaque - Prince Metternich 1773-1859 Austrian statesman lived here in 1848

Klemens Von Metternich Blue Plaque Map

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John Rogers, John Bradford, And John Philpot Red Plaque - Within a few feet of this spot John Rogers, John Bradford, John Philpot and other servants of God suffered death by fire for the faith of Christ in the years 1555, 1556, 1557
George Baxter Blue Plaque - George Baxter artist craftsman born 1804 died 1867 lived in a house previously on this site from 1844 to 1860. A central figure in coloured picture printing.
London Headquarters Of The African National Congress Green Plaque - London Headquarters of the African National Congress 1978–1994