Charles Maurice De Talleyrand-Périgord Blue Plaque Photo

Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord blue plaque - Prince Talleyrand 1754-1838 French statesman and diplomatist lived here

Charles Maurice De Talleyrand-Périgord Blue Plaque Map

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The Clink Brown Plaque - Clink Prison. The Clink Prison is the name given to all the prisons that have stood on a number of sites in this vicinity. The first prison in 1127 was a cellar in the Palace of the Bishop of Winchester, and the last was in Deadman's Place (Park Street). The prison held Protestant and Catholic religious martyrs at various times. It was closed in 1780, when it was burned by the anti-Catholic Gordon rioters.
Brass Plaque № 7407 - Piccadilly Circus Spectacular Signs  McDonald's Sign July 2008  Supplied by Daktronics UK  Final module positioned by the long serving son of the father of Piccadilly electronic sign maintenance  Albert Oaten  15th July 2008
Terry-Thomas Blue Plaque - Terry-Thomas   1911-1990   Comedy actor   lived here   1949-1981