Mustapha Pasha Reschid Blue Plaque Photo

Mustapha Pasha Reschid blue plaque - Mustapha Reschid Pasha 1800-1858 Turkish statesman and reformer lived here as Ambassador in 1839

Mustapha Pasha Reschid Blue Plaque Map

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Henry Edward Manning Black Plaque - Cardinal Manning (1808-1892) lived here
Debtors Prison, Whitecross Blue Plaque - Whitecross Debtors Prison 1813 - 1870 warm-hearted Nell Gwynne, in her will, desired her natural son the Duke of St. Albans, to lay out £20 a year to release poor debtors out of prison, and this sum was distributed every Christmas Day to the inmates of Whitecross Street Prison.
Willy Clarkson Blue Plaque - Willy Clarkson 1861-1934 theatrical wigmaker lived and died here