Frederick Edwin Smith Blue Plaque Photo

Frederick Edwin Smith blue plaque - F. E. Smith Earl of Birkenhead 1872-1930 lawyer and statesman lived here

Frederick Edwin Smith Blue Plaque Map

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G. A. Henty Blue Plaque - G. A. Henty 1832-1902 author lived here
Stone Plaque № 49153 - You are free!
Black Plaque № 30190 - The Glaziers Hall. The land in this area formed part of the site of the cloisters of the Church of St Mary Ouverie, now Southwark Cathedral. After the dissolution of the monasteries in 1540 it was sold and eventually bought by the Hays Wharf Company who built a three-storey warehouse here during the Napoleonic wars. A Georgian facade was added in 1830 and two more floors. The building was leased to the "Glaziers Company" in 1975. After careful restoration in 1977, it became the home of the Worsh