Ira Aldridge Blue Plaque Photo

Ira Aldridge blue plaque - Ira Aldridge 1807-1867 Shakespearian actor 'The African Roscius' lived here

Ira Aldridge Blue Plaque Map

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Hans Sloane And Henry VIII Blue Plaque - King Henry VIII’s Manor House stood here until 1753 when it was demolished after the death of its last occupant, Sir Hans Sloane. Nos. 19 to 26 Cheyne Walk were built on its site in 1759-65. The old manor house garden still lies beyond the end wall of Cheyne Mews and contains some mulberry trees said to have been planted by Queen Elizabeth I.
Brass Plaque № 41869 - Impeccible bahaviour at all times Francis Mahon 1931-1976
Thomas Hood Blue Plaque - In a house on this site Thomas Hood was born 23rd May 1799