Gilbert Keith Chesterton Blue Plaque Photo

Gilbert Keith Chesterton blue plaque - Gilbert Keith Chesterton 1874-1936 poet, novelist and critic lived here

Gilbert Keith Chesterton Blue Plaque Map

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Surrey Docks Fire Blue Plaque - Surrey Docks Fire On September 7th 1940 the docks were set on fire in the first raid of the Blitz
David Cox Blue Plaque - David Cox 1783-1859 artist lived here
James Brydges Brown Plaque - 'Canons' gate pillars  Entrance gate piers to 'Canons' from Old Turnpike Road  Built in 1712 for James Brydges 1673-1744, 1st Duke of Chandos. House demolished 1740 and existing buildings constructed from salvaged materials. Piers refurbished 1998.