Poulters' Hall Blue Plaque Photo

Poulters' Hall blue plaque - Near this spot stood Poulters' Hall  1630-1666

Poulters' Hall Blue Plaque Map

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Blue Plaque № 6766 - This is the birthplace of the Bentley motor car. Number one was produced here in the year 1919
Charlie Chaplin Blue Plaque - Charlie Chaplin 1889-1977 Actor and Film-maker lived here in Flat 15 1908-1910
Thomas Power O'Connor Brass Plaque - T. P. O’Connor journalist & parliamentarian 1848-1929 His pen could lay bare the bones of a book or the soul of a statesman in a few vivid lines

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St Bartholomew's Hospital Museum

St Bartholomew's Hospital, St Bartholomew’s Hospital Museum, North Wing, St Bartholomew’s Hospital,, West Smithfield, London , EC1A 7BE


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