John Ambrose Fleming Blue Plaque Photo

John Ambrose Fleming blue plaque - Sir Ambrose Fleming 1849-1945 scientist and electrical engineer lived here

John Ambrose Fleming Blue Plaque Map

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Jane Arbuthnot, Stephen Dodd, Noel Lane, And The Harrods Bombing Marble Plaque - Here fell Insp Stephen Dodd PS Noel Lane WPC Jane Arbuthnot 17th December 1983
Charles Dickens White Plaque - While living in a house on this site Charles Dickens wrote six of his principal works. Characters from which appear in this sculptured panel
Charles Dickens Bronze Plaque - Charles Dickens's Wine Cellar  The wine cellar used by Charles Dickens during his time at Doughty Street has been restored and refitted with the financial assistance of national wine merchants Peter Dominic.