Jessica Tandy Brown Plaque Photo

Jessica Tandy brown plaque - Jessica Tandy 1909-1994 Actress and star of Driving Miss Daisy was born here

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Harold Bride Blue Plaque - Harold Bride (1890-1956) wireless operator aboard RMS Titanic lived here 1903-1922
William Hogarth Brass Plaque - William Hogarth, 10 November 1697 - 26 October 1764, Satirical Artist and Illustrator.  Trained as an engraver, he depicted the unseemly behaviour of contemporaries in works like the 'Beggar's Opera' (1728) and the 'A Rake's Progress' (1732). Much of his work was pirated and he was instrumental in the passing of the Copyright Act of 1735 which was known at the time as 'Hogarth's Act'. He lived in 'Leicester Fields' from 1726 until his death.  He was buried in Chiswick Parish at St. Nicholas, Lon
Joseph Hertz Green Plaque - Dr J. H. Hertz CH  1872-1946  Chief Rabbi of the  British Empire  lived here  1913-1946

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