Thanet House Blue Plaque Photo

Thanet House blue plaque - Site of Thanet House 1644-1882

Thanet House Blue Plaque Map

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King's Wardrobe Blue Plaque - Site of The King's Wardrobe destroyed in the Great Fire 1666
Henry Willis Blue Plaque - 'Father' Henry Willis 1821-1901 organ builder lived here
Blue Plaque № 5256 - On this site stood six successive Livery Halls of the Cordwainers' Company from 1440 until destruction of the sixth in 1941

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St Bartholomew's Hospital
St Bartholomew's Hospital Museum

St Bartholomew's Hospital, St Bartholomew’s Hospital Museum, North Wing, St Bartholomew’s Hospital,, West Smithfield, London , EC1A 7BE


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Wright and Bell (Bartholomew Close)

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