Isaac D’Israeli White Plaque Photo

Isaac D’Israeli white plaque - Isaac D'Israeli author lived here. Born 1766 died 1848

Isaac D’Israeli White Plaque Map

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Northumberland House, Hugh Percy, And Elizabeth Percy Blue Plaque - Site of  Northumberland  House
George Borrow Blue Plaque - George Borrow 1803-1881 author lived here
John Cartwright Black Plaque - John Cartwright Born 28th. Sepr. 1740; Died 23rd. Sepr. 1824.  The firm, Consistent, & Persevering Advocate of “Universal suffrage, Equal Representation, Vote by Ballot, and Annual Parliaments.  He was the first English Writer who openly maintained the Independence of the United States of America; and although his distinguished merits as a naval officer in 1776 presented the most flattering Prospects of Professional Advancement, yet he nobly refused to draw his Sword against the Rising Liberties

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