Evelyn Underhill Blue Plaque Photo

Evelyn Underhill blue plaque - Evelyn Underhill 1875-1941 Christian philosopher and teacher lived here 1907-1939

Evelyn Underhill Blue Plaque Map

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Hubert Parry Blue Plaque - Hubert Parry 1848-1918 musician lived here
John Dryden Black Plaque - On the  19th December  1679 in the alley by  the Lamb & Flag the  poet John Dryden was  nearly done to death  by rogues hired by  the Earl of Rochester
Joseph René Bellot And John Franklin Black Plaque - To the intrepid young Bellot  of the French Navy  who in the endeavour to rescue  Franklin  shared the fate and the glory  of that illustrious navigator    From his British admirers    1853