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Fan Makers' Company Blue Plaque - The Fan Makers' Company met in their common hall in Red Cross Street to adopt their constitution in 1710
Dwight D. Eisenhower And Operation Overlord Brown Plaque - The United States of America recognises the selfless service and manifold contributions of General Dwight David Eisenhower, Supreme Allied Commander, 1944-1945. At this site General Eisenhower, on behalf of freedom loving peoples throughout the world, directed the Allied Expeditionary Forces against Fortress Europe, 6 June 1944. This plaque was dedicated by a United States Department of Defense delegation and the Eisenhower family on 4 June 1990 during the Centennial year of his birth and the 46
Richard Cobden Blue Plaque - Richard Cobden 1804-1865 died here

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Sutton House, London
Sutton HouseTop Pick

Sutton House, London, 2 & 4 Homerton High Street, Greater London, E9 6JQ


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Hackney Museum
Hackney Museum

Hackney Museum, 1 Reading Lane, Greater London, E8 1GQ


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Clowns Gallery-Museum
Clowns Gallery-Museum

Clowns Gallery-Museum, 2 Cumberland Close, Greater London, E8 3TF


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Campbell Works
Campbell Works

Campbell Works, 27 Belfast Road, Greater London, N16 6UN


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83 Rivington Street, Greater London, EC2A 3AY


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230 Bishopsgate, Greater London, EC2M 4QH


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