Nicholas Wiseman Black Plaque Photo

Nicholas Wiseman black plaque - Cardinal Wiseman, first Roman Catholic Archbishop of Westminster lived here 1858 – 1864.

Nicholas Wiseman Black Plaque Map

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John Vanbrugh And C. J. Phipps Black Plaque - Her  Majesty's  Theatre  In 1705 Sir John Vanbrugh  built the first of four theatres  on this famous site. The second  theatre, known variously as 'The King's' and 'Her Majesty's', was the home of  Italian Opera, while the present  theatre, designed by C J Phipps and  opened in 1897, remains a home for  major musicals
John Linnell And William Blake Blue Plaque - John Linnell 1792-1882 painter lived here.  William Blake 1757-1827 poet and artist stayed here as his guest.
Edward Gibbon Blue Plaque - Edward Gibbon historian b.1737 Lime Grove