Edward Gibbon Wakefield Bronze Plaque Photo

Edward Gibbon Wakefield bronze plaque - From offices on this site the New Zealand Company on 5 May 1839 despatched the survey ship Tory to begin the colonisation of New Zealand on the Wakefield Plan.

Edward Gibbon Wakefield Bronze Plaque Map

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Alfred Russel Wallace Blue Plaque - Alfred Russel Wallace 1823-1913 naturalist lived here
George Nissel Green Plaque - George Nissel 1913-1982 Founder of G.Nissel & Co First independent UK contact lens laboratory Siddons Lane 1946
James Cook Blue Plaque - Captain James Cook "The ablest and most renowned Navigator this or any country hath produced" lived in a house a few yards from this spot, 126, Upper Shadwell 1763-1765