Best Restaurants for a Traditional Sunday Lunch in London

Whether your favourite part is the roast beef, yorkshire puddings or roast potatoes these are our top picks for the best central London restaurants to enjoy a delicious and traditional Sunday lunch at

If you found a group of Brits and asked them what their favourite meal of the week is at least half would likely say a traditional Sunday roast. Of course times have changed a lot and now most people do not have the time, money, expertise or space to cook a big Sunday roast for all the family and friends they would like to invite but that doesn't mean that it should be the end for the traditional.

The solution of course is to find a recommended pub or restaurant that serves up a tasty, great value Sunday lunch and all head there. To make this task easier we have picked our favourite central London pubs and restaurants for a delicious traditional Sunday lunch.


If you have a favourite pub or restaurant which serves an outstanding Sunday lunch we would love to hear about it. Get in touch with us with all the information for a chance to earn London points.

For more recommendations of great places to eat in London, including other pubs and restaurants, remember to regularly take a look at our London guide and London blog which is frequently updated with interesting new content.

Best Restaurants for a Traditional Sunday Lunch in London Map

Last updated on 9/12/19, 2:23 AM

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