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Adriatico Bacari di Venezia We serve our own speciality pizzas which are made daily using top-quality crusts from Lombardy. Dairy farmer Bakers Ferry opened its second branch into Hammersmith, providing fresh produce for local farmers' markets and catering to Londoners craving good British food during the warmer months. We also offer lunch and dinner, lunch/dinner, and breakfast. The menu offers a variety of delicious and fresh dishes, such as: We also offer a large selection of wines from all over Italy, including Italian sparkling wines, as well as a range of natural wines. As for the wines we offer, our wine list features the best Italian and French wines. We also offer a large selection of beers and spirits, as well as a variety of cocktails. We serve all kind of Italian cuisine: from starters to desserts, from pasta to desserts, every type of pasta is cooked on paper and served with a lot of butter and garlic, and you can order any of these dishes from our selection and enjoy it at your table. We also serve all kinds of Italian wines and spirits based on the Mediterranean style. The kitchen is also equipped with all kinds of equipment, including a refrigerator, convection oven, and a gas boiler. As a restaurant with a kitchen, we are also happy to offer you a private room for your meetings and parties. We also offer our restaurant as a farm stand. We serve the finest wines and other culinary delights fresh from the wine merchant that sold them to us. Dine within a beautiful setting of stylish, modern, and traditional Italian dishes, served in a unique outdoor, fresh light dining room. A unique and relaxing atmosphere where you can experience the best of a warm and cosy atmosphere. Our restaurant is equipped with a full kitchen with modern technology, beautiful, and stylish décor. In addition, our wine is of the highest quality. Our restaurant serves the highest quality of cuisine in a modern and pleasant environment. We serve delicious Italian food in a modern and elegant dining space, in a private dining room with contemporary furniture and lighting. A visit to our restaurant can be a memorable culinary experience, as we offer an extensive wine list, and a selection of classic and modern Italian dishes, including our signature pizza and pasta. Our restaurant is located in a peaceful area of the town and is easy to access.

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