Thomas Henry Huxley Blue Plaque Photo

Thomas Henry Huxley blue plaque - Thomas Henry Huxley 1825-1895 biologist lived here

Thomas Henry Huxley Blue Plaque Map

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John Salmond Blue Plaque - Marshal of the Royal Air Force Sir John Maitland Salmond 1881-1968 RAF Commander lived here 1928-1936
Ferryman's Seat Brushed Metal Plaque - The Ferryman's Seat, located on previous buildings at this site, was constructed for the convenience of Bankside watermen, who operated ferrying services across the river. The seat's age is unknown, but it is thought to have ancient origins.
White Plaque № 10094 - These premises were totally destroyed by a zeppelin raid during the World War on September 8th 1915 rebuilt 1917