John Howard Blue Plaque Photo

John Howard blue plaque - John Howard 1726-1790 prison reformer lived here

John Howard Blue Plaque Map

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Frances Burney Brown Plaque - Madame D’Arblay (Fanny Burney) authoress lived here. born 1752 died 1840
Crutched Friar Brushed Metal Plaque - The Crutched Friar gets its name from an order of Mendicant Friars, The "Fratres Crusiferi" who first arrived in England in 1244 in the Diocese of Rochester.  They established nine houses in England, the first at Colchester founded in 1245, and settled in London at Tower Hill in 1249 where they gave their name to the locality.
Robert Adam Brown Plaque - Robert Adam 1728-1792 architect