Best Places in Central London for Thai Food

If you love food that is spicy and creamy and crunchy and sweet you will love Thai food. These are our picks for the best Thai restaurants in London

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Thai food, like Chinese food, spread to London and later to widespread popularity following war. Where in the case of Chinese food it was the second world war for Thai cuisine its prominence followed the Vietnam War when troops and aid workers returned with their new found tastes in synchronicity with refugees trained in its preparation landed in London. The oldest Thai restaurant in London, "The Bangkok Restaurant", was not opened until 1967 in South Kensington, by a former Thai diplomat and his wife - Mr and Mrs Bunnag,  which was sixty years after the first Chinese restaurant opened in London.

Thai food like Mexican food, Indian or Chinese, is a great family style meal with the style for sharing multiple dishes being perfectly suited for relaxed group occasions. Similarly there are dishes to suit all diets, peppercorn squid, fried beef, green beans with garlic, stuffed buns, steamed rice, and noodle soups being some of the most iconic.

Since 1967 the Thai culinary influence has only become more recognised and the city has only attracted and trained more world class Thai chefs. From fusion to traditional, commercial to high end there are many takes on how best to serve the unique tastes 50 years after people first experienced it in London through the medium of restaurants. These are our favourites.

Thai Square Trafalgar Square

Rosa's Thai Cafe Carnaby Street

Thai Tho Soho

Patara Oxford Circus

Great Thai Restaurant Fitzrovia

If you have a a favourite Thai restaurant we haven't bothered to take the time to mention then we are very sorry and we would love to hear from you. You can earn London points and help make our London guide and London blog, which we regularly update, better for everyone.

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