London Club Bookings
Book your table or guest list and celebrate in style

Celebrating a special occasion; trying to impress friends; or treating clients to a night out; if that is the case decide on the full VIP experience with a nightclub table booking and bottle service.

We can arrange table reservations at virtually all of the top London clubs regardless of whether we are operating a guest list on the night you wish to attend.

By reserving a table not only do you have your own area to use as a base and space around your table to dance in; you also gain the benefit of priority entry (meaning not having to queue).

We will be adding more events soon.

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Club Table FAQs

I'm afraid it does not as in most cases a table would not get in if guests are intixicated, no ID, bad behaviour at the door or they are not dressed appropriately.
Simply fill in the form on our website or call us directly.
This can vary, we have tables that can range from 4 guests to 20 guests or if there's a bigger group, we can always book multiple tables/area.
Highly recommend booking in advance to guarantee best available location of table and price. A lot of venues do sell out hours before the door opens, particularly over the weekends. We can also help you find a table last minute.
Generally there is a cover charge and a minimum spend. All the night clubs charge entry cover fee on top of the minimum spend, this is usually £20 and is added to your table bill.
Club doors open at 10:00 pm, we recommned arriving for 11:00 pm but can be flexible on this.
Simply fill in the form on our website or call us directly.

For more club questions answered see our Club FAQs

Guest List FAQs

There are two ways to gain access to the venues we promote. Either by membership or guest list. If you are not a member then you will need to be on the guest list. By using the guest list service you get the benefit of access to many of the best VIP nightclubs without paying lots of separate annual membership fees.
No, it doesn't a penny to register for the guest list, in fact we offer many free guest lists for entry to London clubs. You may however have to pay a cover charge (entry) for some venues. This is normally £20 unless you reserve a table.
Mostly does but the venues will always reserve the right to refuse entry to any client who is not appropriate for the club (either dressed improperly or too drunk). Always dress as smart as you can and don't wear trainers unless you are sure you trainers are allowed by the club. Arrive as close to the club's opening time as you can. Sometimes it can be frustrating gaining entry to the top London clubs, the door staff are known to be difficult and there can be long queue – stay calm, patient and polite!
For details of the Birthday Party packages we offer visit our dedicated Birthday Party page. If you are looking for entry and no frills you can simply complete the guest list reservation form for the club you are interested in.
If you would like VIP guest list for you and your group you will need to book a table (bottle service). To book a table call us on 0845 0945 195. For more information about table reservations at London clubs visit the Table Reservations section of our website.
We recommend you arrive early to reduce any queueing time and maximise the chances of prompt, hassle free entry. We offer free entry to most of the clubs on our guest list before 11pm or 11.30pm so ensure you check the event details in advance. Between 10.30pm and 10.45pm is usually a good time to arrive. Please note guest list entry is NOT available at some of the London nightclubs we work with after midnight.

For more club questions answered see our Club FAQs

Top 10 Clubs

# Club Name
1 L8 SohoTop Pick -
2 Mahiki KensingtonTop Pick -
3 Charlie -
4 Cirque Le Soir -
5 The Cuckoo ClubTop Pick -
6 Drama Park LaneTop Pick -
7 Hyde KensingtonTop Pick -
8 Kensington Roof Gardens -
9 Libertine -
10 MaddoxTop Pick -

London Club Table Prices

London Nightclub Standard Table (6-10 guests) VIP Table (6-10 guests)
Charlie £750 - £1200 £1200 - £1500
Cirque Le Soir £1000 - £1500 £2000 - £2500
The Cuckoo Club Top Pick £1000 - £1500 £1500 - £2000
Drama Park Lane Top Pick £750 - £1200 £1200 - £2000
Hyde Kensington Top Pick £300 - £500 £750-£1000
Kensington Roof Gardens £500 - £700 £900 - £1500
Libertine £750 - £1000 £1500 - £2000
Maddox Top Pick £1000 - £1500 £2000 - £2500
Mahiki Mayfair Top Pick £300 - £500 £750-£1000
Raffles £750 - £1200 £1200 - £2000
Tape £1000 - £1500 £2000 - £2500
Tonteria Top Pick £750 - £1000 £1000 - £1500
Toy Room Top Pick £1000 - £1500 £2000 - £2500
Cafe de Paris £500 - £700 £1000 - £1500
Kanaloa £300 - £500 £750-£1000
Playboy Club
Shaka Zulu Top Pick £300 - £500 £750-£1000
The Vaudeville Club £300 - £500 £750-£1000
100 Wardour Street £300 - £500 £750-£1000
141 Park Lane £600 - £1000 £900 - £1500

* Table reservations are available up until midnight on the night you wish to attend although you are advised to book early as club tables can be reserved weeks in advance.

** If you have a table reservation you will normally be charged £10 per person entry charge although in some cases this may be waived particularly for females.