Baroque (club London)
12 New Burlington Street, Mayfair, London, W1S 3BF

Baroque was one of the best former clubs in London.

Baroque has now closed
There wasn't actually a direct replacement for Baroque as a London club,
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Looking back at Baroque

Set behind a suitably anonymous doorway on New Burlington Street, new London hotspot Baroque is a valuable addition to the boutique club scene. The elusive setting just off of Savile Row makes Baroque the perfect place for a private gathering, offering small groups an exclusive opportunity to avoid the crowds and celebrate in both style and seclusion.

This month alone has seen a flock of celebrity revelers heading to the venue, all eager to be the first to experience the much talked about nightlife. Paris Hilton and Peaches Geldof made sure to attend to the launch night, even after a partying stint in French hotspot Cannes, and LiLo also dropped by whilst in town to test the luxurious setting and renowned party vibe. Launch night was also graced by the party-loving football crowd, with Calum Best and Saskia Boxford all spotted partying away.

The club is a lesson in decadence, with a slick interior designed by Baldassare la Rizza and enfant terrible Jimmie Martin, who have taken fin de si�cle elegance and mixed in a touch of the modern world - think grand chandeliers next to a colorful electro LED ceiling, and Louis XVI-style chairs daubed with graffiti and paint splatters.

Split over two floors, the club is also an outlet for some unique art pieces, including block canvas prints from the one and only Obsession Art, purveyors of the finest erotica. The upper level is home to an artist known only as Shunga, whose stark contrast works are taken from "Red Series One". Take in the urban splendour of Darren Hope's graphic illusions, or the French New Wave influence in Mofo's "Lady Miss Bee". Matthew Slade's dreamscape piece entitled "Four Ladies 2" brings the collection bang up to date with its digital art, which in turn compliments the wild swirling of the spectacular ceiling.

It's a venue which needs to be seen to be believed, and with such a convenient Central London location, and exclusive crowd, we watch as London's top party crowds flock to the Baroque.

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