Chinawhite (club London)
4 Winsley Street, Fitzrovia, London, W1F 8LB

Chinawhite was one of the best former clubs in London.

Chinawhite has now closed
Chinawhite was replaced by Libertine

Events at Libertine (formerly Chinawhite)
Events taking place at Libertine (formerly Chinawhite)

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Looking back at Chinawhite

Chinawhite, in its most re-incarnation, was located on Winsley Street prior to the same venue becoming "Libertine by Chinawhite". Before that is occupied a now defunct location on Air Street in Soho.

Whilst other venues enjoy brief moments as the new “hotspot of London”, Chinawhite was and still is - despite the club no longer existing - firmly established as one of London’s most timeless, famous and aspirational members’ clubs; presiding alongside top nightclub brands the world over.

Created by a design team led by the founding partners and interior designers Satmoko Ball, Chinawhite features an elaborate and decadent tribute to the principals of Feng Shui. Guests enjoy an adventure as they explore the various rooms.

The oriental styles of Bali, Java and Sumatra are fused with a theatrical flair that owes much to the influences of ballet, theatre and film.

Photos of Chinawhite
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Chinawhite in the News
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Tom Cruise seen leaving Chinawhite nightclub in London
Article originally published on: 2012-08-23

Hollywood star Tom Cruise parties at Chinawhite nightclub in London to support his son Connor Cruise's DJ set. Chinawhite is now Libertine nightclub London founded by the same owners.


What's happened to London's nightlife?
Article originally published on: 2016-10-07

London nightclubs have become the "battleground for lots of competing agendas". The BBC give their say on how London nightlife and in particular central London nightclubs have suffered.


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