Taman Gang (club London)
141 Park Lane, Mayfair, London, W1K 7AA

Taman Gang was one of the best former clubs in London.

Taman Gang has now closed
Taman Gang was replaced by 141 Park Lane

Events at 141 Park Lane (formerly Taman Gang)
Events taking place at 141 Park Lane (formerly Taman Gang)

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Looking back at Taman Gang

Taman Gang is cool and fun. The decor aims for luxury, with handmade tiles, gold-lined candle niches, intricately carved wood, and swathes of silk.

The cocktail bar is intriguingly set on a series of different levels. The low lighting and general cool ambience will encourage you to linger, and when the DJ comes to life the night is only just beginning...

Photos of Taman Gang
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Taman Gang in the News
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Celebrities, gossip, rumours and news about Taman Gang in Mayfair, London...

What's happened to London's nightlife?
Article originally published on: 2016-10-07

London nightclubs have become the "battleground for lots of competing agendas". The BBC give their say on how London nightlife and in particular central London nightclubs have suffered.

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