Volstead (club London)
9 Swallow Street, Mayfair, London, W1B 4DN

Volstead was one of the best former clubs in London.

Volstead has now closed
Volstead was replaced by Kadie's Club

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Events taking place at Kadie's Club (formerly Volstead)

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Looking back at Volstead

Volstead, the brainchild of Willa Keswick, has been one of the few Mayfair clubs that offered an eclectic feel to it than perhaps many of the others. Willa’s links to modern art crowd made it a bohemian hang-out spot. For its opening-night Willa’s hosted an after-party for Tatler’s 300th anniversary.

With art works hand-picked by Tyrone Wood and performances of modern indie bands such as the Kooks emphasized even more an amiable aura of this venue where guests were put at ease with a wide selection of some of the best mixed drinks in town.

While Volstead was open not only were you given a chance to socialise with London’s wealthiest most well known crowd but you were also given the chance to step right back in time into the Charleston era. The theme was completely dedicated to recreating the hedonistic, flapper filled, glamorous 1920′s.

Volstead was considered the playground for the rich and famous, and soon after opening became one of the most popular London nightclubs. Both the bourbon and gin filled cocktail menus and the jazz/swing music pointed toward the glamorous prohibition decade.

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