Clubs in Soho
The best nightclubs and dance clubs in Soho, London

If you are out for dinner at a great restaurant or drinks at a nice bar in Soho and are looking for a place to continue the party we are here to help.

You will be delighted to know we can arrange entry for you at all the best London clubs including, of course, Soho.

Clubs in Soho Shown on the Map
These are the nightclubs in Soho displayed on the map above

100 Wardour Street
100 Wardour Street, Soho, London, W1F 0TN
Cafe de Paris
3-4 Coventry Street, Soho, London, W1D 6BL
Cirque Le Soir
15-21 Ganton Street, Soho, London, W1F 9BN
L8 Soho
54 Berwick St, Soho, London, W1F 8SJ
The Box Soho
11-12 Walker's Court, Soho, London, W1F 0SD
Toy Room
8-9 Argyll Street, Soho, London, W1F 7TF

Events at Nightclubs in Soho
The following events taking place at Soho clubs

We will be adding information about events at Soho clubs here soon. In the mean time please take a look at our list of events at nightclubs in Central London many of which feature are either events in Soho or Mayfair nightclubs.

Best Clubs Monday Monday 13th August 2018

More club events happening on
Monday 13th August 2018...

Best Clubs Tuesday Tuesday 14th August 2018

More club events happening on
Tuesday 14th August 2018...

Best Clubs Wednesday Wednesday 15th August 2018

More club events happening on
Wednesday 15th August 2018...

Best Clubs Thursday Thursday 16th August 2018

Rhythm & RumRhythm & Rum

More club events happening on
Thursday 16th August 2018...

Best Clubs Friday Friday 17th August 2018

More club events happening on
Friday 17th August 2018...

Best Clubs Saturday Saturday 18th August 2018

More club events happening on
Saturday 18th August 2018...

Best Clubs Sunday Sunday 19th August 2018

More club events happening on
Sunday 19th August 2018...

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