Chancery Lane

Chancery Lane is a one-way street situated in the ward of Farringdon Without in the City of London. It has formed the western boundary of the City since 1994, having previously been divided between the City of Westminster and the London Borough of Camden.

The route originated as a 'new lane' created by the Knights Templar from their original 'old Temple' on the site of the present Southampton Buildings on Holborn, in order to access to their newly acquired property to the south of Fleet Street (the present Temple) sometime before 1161.

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Simmons Bar (Temple)
Simmons Bar (Temple)

1 Milford Lane, Greater London, WC2R 3LL


Nights out in Style Bars

GQ Bar (at Rosewood London)
GQ Bar (at Rosewood London)

Rosewood London, 252 High Holborn, Greater London, WC1V 7EN


Nights out in Style Bars High Holborn High Holborn

Part of Rosewood London

Appleberry Foods Limited
Appleberry Foods Limited

94 Fleet Street, Greater London, EC4Y 8DT


City of London Nights out in Style Bars Fleet Street


60B Holborn Viaduct, Greater London, EC1A 2FD


City of London Nights out in Style Bars Holborn Viaduct

Eat (Kingsway)
Eat (Kingsway)

105-107 Kingsway, Covent Garden, London, WC2B 6QY


Eating in Style Bakeries Kingsway Nights out in Style Bars Cocktail Bars Covent Garden

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McDonalds (Holborn)
McDonalds (Holborn)

6-7 Holborn, Greater London, EC1N 2LL


City of London Eating in Style Restaurants

Tas Restaurant
Tas Restaurant

21 Fetter Lane, Greater London, WC2A


City of London Eating in Style Restaurants Fetter Lane

Lutyens Restaurant
Lutyens Restaurant

85 Fleet Street, Greater London, EC4Y 1AE


City of London Eating in Style Restaurants Fleet Street

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Blue Plaques in London

John Travers Cornwell Blue Plaque - Jack Cornwell V.C. 1900-1916. Adjacent to this site stood Clyde Cottage birthplace of John Travers Cornwell the youngest recipient of the Victoria Cross posthumously awarded for bravery at the Battle of Jutland in World War I
Precision Film Studio Blue Plaque - The Precision Film Studio 1910-1915 On this site in early 1910 the Gobbett Brothers built for the Precision Film Company Limited the first of the Walthamstow film studios. This pioneering studio was the first of its type and its design would be much emulated throughout Britain.
Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins Black Plaque - Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins 1807-1889 artist and solicitor, designer of the prehistoric 'monsters' in Crystal Palace Park lived here
David Gestetner Blue Plaque - David Gestetner  1854-1939  Developer of Office  Copying Machinery  lived here  1898-1939
Hamo Thornycroft Blue Plaque - Sir Hamo Thornycroft 1850-1925 sculptor lived here
Blue Plaque № 6164 - Opposite this spot stood the Spital Pulpit Cross (plaque not yet erected)

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