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Blue Plaques in London

Augustus John Blue Plaque - This house was built for Augustus John 1878–1961 painter
James Cook Blue Plaque - Captain James Cook "The ablest and most renowned Navigator this or any country hath produced" lived in a house a few yards from this spot, 126, Upper Shadwell 1763-1765
Alliott Verdon Roe Blue Plaque - Under these arches Alliott Verdon Roe assembled his AVRO No. 1 triplane. In July 1909 he made the first all-British powered flight from Walthamstow Marsh.
Old Students' Association, University College London Brass Plaque - This clock was donated by the friends of University College London to commemorate the centenary of the Old Students' Association on 26 November 1990 unveiled by Randolph Quirk on Alumnus Day 17 May 1991
David Greig White Plaque - David Greig 1924
Edith Margaret Garrud Green Plaque - Edith Margaret Garrud 1872 - 1971 the suffragette that knew ju jitsu lived here

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