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Blue Plaques in London

George Emlyn Williams Blue Plaque - (George) Emlyn Williams CBE 1905-1987 Actor and Playwright lived here 1930-1934
Thomas Carlyle Brown Plaque - Thomas Carlyle 1795-1881 lived here
Charles Lamb Brown Plaque - Charles Lamb "Elia" (1775-1834), essayist, lived here.
Henry Watson Fowler Blue Plaque - Henry Watson Fowler 1858-1933 Grammarian and lexicographer lived here 1900-1903
Alfonso Lopez-Pumarejo Blue Plaque - His Excellency Alfonso Lopez-Pumarejo 1886-1959 Ambassador to the Court of St James's Twice President of the Republic of Colombia lived and died here
George Grote Brown Plaque - George Grote 1794-1871 Historian died here

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