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Lonely Planet
This Greenwich landmark, the last of the great clipper ships to sail between China and England in the 19th century, was due to reopen in spring 2012 after serious fire damage.

Time Out
The world's last surviving tea clipper was the fastest and greatest of her age. That was over a century ago now, but the Cutty Sark is certainly still a venerable sight.

This handsome wooden ship, launched in 1869 when it was expected to last only 30 years, is today the only tea clipper left in the world.

This sleek, romantic clipper was built in 1869, one among a vast fleet of tall-masted wooden ships that plied the oceanic highways of the 19th century.

Not For Tourists
Where the Archbishop of Canterbury was murdered in 1012.
Michelin Guide
Launched in 1869 from Scotland's Dumbarton shipyards, this majestic three-masted vessel was used in the China tea trade and became famous for her speed.