Jacqueline Du Pré Black Plaque Photo

Jacqueline du Pré black plaque - Jacqueline du Pré 1945-87 cellist lived here

Jacqueline Du Pré Black Plaque Map

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Robert Baden-Powell Black Plaque - In the Mill House Robert Baden-Powell Chief Scout of the World wrote parts of "Scouting for Boys" in the year 1908.
Fire Engine House, Walthamstow Blue Plaque - Walthamstow Fire Engine House. For most of the 19th century this small building housed the Walthamstow parish fire “engine”. Manually operated and originally hand-drawn, it was adapted to the horse in 1863
Joseph Thomas Clover Green Plaque - Pioneer anaesthetist Dr Joseph T. Clover 1825-1882 lived in a house on this site 1853-1882