Philip Ben Greet Blue Plaque Photo

Philip Ben Greet blue plaque - Sir Philip Ben Greet 1857–1936 Actor-manager lived here 1920-1936

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The Clink Brown Plaque - Clink Prison. The Clink Prison is the name given to all the prisons that have stood on a number of sites in this vicinity. The first prison in 1127 was a cellar in the Palace of the Bishop of Winchester, and the last was in Deadman's Place (Park Street). The prison held Protestant and Catholic religious martyrs at various times. It was closed in 1780, when it was burned by the anti-Catholic Gordon rioters.
Frederick Handley Page Blue Plaque - Sir Frederick Handley Page 1885-1962 aircraft designer and manufacturer lived here in Flat 3
Turkish Bronze Gun And John Duckworth Bronze Plaque - This Turkish bronze gun was cast in 1790-91 (AH 1212) in the reign of  the Ottoman Sultan Selim III. It weighs 5.2 tonnes, fired stone shot   of just over 56 kilos and is one of two taken by Admiral Sir John Duckworth  from Kinali Island in the Sea of Marmara in 1807.    The gun was presented to the Royal Naval Asylum at Greenwich by  HRH Prince Ernest, Duke of Cumberland on 21 October 1807.  The cast-iron display carriage was made later by the Royal Carriage  Department of the Royal Arsenal, Wo

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