Guest List FAQs

If it is your first time visiting one of the top London clubs – or even if you are a clubbing regular – you may have some questions about what is involved and what the benefits of being on a guest list are.

Do I need to be on the guest list?

Answer: There are two ways to gain access to the venues we promote. Either by membership or guest list. If you are not a member then you will need to be on the guest list. By using the guest list service you get the benefit of access to many of the best VIP nightclubs without paying lots of separate annual membership fees.

What time should I arrive at the venue?

Answer: We recommend you arrive early to reduce any queueing time and maximise the chances of prompt, hassle free entry. We offer free entry to most of the clubs on our guest list before 11pm or 11.30pm so ensure you check the event details in advance. Between 10.30pm and 10.45pm is usually a good time to arrive. Please note guest list entry is NOT available at some of the London nightclubs we work with after midnight.

How do I get my birthday on the guest list?

Answer: For details of the Birthday Party packages we offer visit our dedicated Birthday Party page. If you are looking for entry and no frills you can simply complete the guest list reservation form for the club you are interested in.

Does it cost anything to be on the guest list?

Answer: No, it doesn't a penny to register for the guest list, in fact we offer many free guest lists for entry to London clubs. You may however have to pay a cover charge (entry) for some venues. This is normally £20 unless you reserve a table.

Does the guest list guarantee entry?

Answer: Mostly does but the venues will always reserve the right to refuse entry to any client who is not appropriate for the club (either dressed improperly or too drunk). Always dress as smart as you can and don't wear trainers unless you are sure you trainers are allowed by the club. Arrive as close to the club's opening time as you can. Sometimes it can be frustrating gaining entry to the top London clubs, the door staff are known to be difficult and there can be long queue – stay calm, patient and polite!

How do I book a table?

Answer: To book a table call us on 0845 0945 195. For more information about table reservations at London clubs visit the Table Reservations section of our website.