Amika (club London)
65 High Street Kensington, Kensington, London, W8 5ED

Amika was one of the best former clubs in London.

Amika has now closed
There wasn't actually a direct replacement for Amika as a London club,
but explore our London nightclub events.
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Looking back at Amika

London’s prestigious High Street Kensington plays host to a new super elite, acutely vogue concept in members club, Amika.

Girls Aloud, footballers and even Prince Harry have been regular visitors
Amika is chart topping musician P. Diddy’s favourite London club; the club is also popular with celebrities and royals alike. Everyone from members of Girls Aloud, footballers and even Prince Harry have been regular visitors in the past.

A unique playground for the extravagant, designed for affable debauchery and indulgent fun, without pretentiousness but exuding an abundance of class and style, it is the ultimate destination for major players and glitterati alike.

Photos of Amika
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Amika in the News
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Celebrities, gossip, rumours and news about Amika in Kensington, London...

What's happened to London's nightlife?
Article originally published on: 2016-10-07

London nightclubs have become the "battleground for lots of competing agendas". The BBC give their say on how London nightlife and in particular central London nightclubs have suffered.


Amika Map
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