Metra Bar & Club (club London)
14 Leicester Square, , London, WC2H 7NG

Metra Bar & Club was one of the best former clubs in London.

Metra Bar & Club has now closed
There wasn't actually a direct replacement for Metra Bar & Club as a London club,
but explore our London nightclub events.
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Looking back at Metra Bar & Club

The Biggest Parties in London are hosted at The Metra Club in Leicester Square. The ultimate party bar and nightclub, open 7 nights a week from 8pm to late. The Metra Club undoubtedly provides the slickest venue for the most perfect party.

The Metra Bar & Club’s decor is 1930′s style with art nouveau influences. Plush velvets, crystal chandeliers, comfortable Sofas and leather armchairs create a decadent atmosphere while lots of candles, warm colours and Mirrors give the venue a special magical glow. Whether you want to relieve Stress, want to party in a groovy environment or simply discuss plot lines after a movie, Metra resembles all these things.

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What's happened to London's nightlife?
Article originally published on: 2016-10-07

London nightclubs have become the "battleground for lots of competing agendas". The BBC give their say on how London nightlife and in particular central London nightclubs have suffered.


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