Alfred Milner Blue Plaque Photo

Alfred Milner blue plaque - Lord Alfred Milner 1854–1925 statesman lived here

Alfred Milner Blue Plaque Map

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Bronze Plaque № 42177 - This pillar was erected in 1824 under the direction of the Reverend John Pond, MA, Astronomer Royal. It was placed on the Greenwich Meridian and its purpose was to indicate the direction of true north from the transit telescope of the Royal Observatory. The Greenwich Meridian as changed in 1850 and adopted by international agreement in 1884 as the line of zero longitude passes 19 feet to the east of this pillar.
Osbert Lancaster Blue Plaque - Sir Osbert Lancaster 1908-1986 cartoonist and writer was born here
Anna Maria Garthwaite Blue Plaque - Anna Maria Garthwaite 1690-1763 designer of Spitalfields Silks lived and worked here

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