Simón Bolívar Blue Plaque Photo

Simón Bolívar blue plaque - Simón Bolívar 1783-1830 liberator of Latin America lodged here in 1810

Simón Bolívar Blue Plaque Map

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Dorothea Lambert Chambers Blue Plaque - Dorothea Lambert Chambers 1878-1960 lawn tennis champion lived here 1887-1907
Thomas Tompion And George Graham Blue Plaque - On this site lived two famous clockmakers Thomas Tompion F.R.S. "The Father of English Clockmaking" 1638-1713 and George Graham F.R.S. 1673-1751 both buried in Westminster Abbey
Francisco De Miranda Black Plaque - General Francisco De Miranda lived at 58 Grafton Way from 1802-1810