5 of the Best Pubs Near Leicester Square

Our top picks for the best pubs near Leicester Square for catching up with friends, watching sport, grabbing some food, and relaxing on your own

If you are catching up with some mates for a few beers and a chat there are literally no better options than a good old British pub. From a Sunday roast, to catching up on some sport or just hanging out and making some new friends pubs are great. Gone are the days of smokey pubs full of old men eating scampi fries and adding new stickiness to the already sticky carpets. Pubs still have the vibe that ensures everyone drops all pretence and instead chill-out put the world to rights but now you can get cold European or craft beers; great food; and 4K sports.

Of course London pubs are made by their atmosphere. Nobody wants a city boy pub with their logo in the foam. People like crisps and nuts. Well good food and a diverse selection of beers help but we will get to those as this is our list of recommendations for the best pubs near Leicester Square.

5 of the Best Pubs Near Leicester Square Map

Last updated on 9/12/19, 2:23 AM

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