5 Places in London For Time Out

Our top picks for the best places to relax and take time out at; from restaurants to galleries these locations will leave you re-jigged and re-vigged

London can be hectic, hectic on a level that can push people over the limit. From our personal experiences we can testify that if you do not take time out you will damage your health, make yourself less lovable and waste a lot of your life. These pass times don't need to be expensive and don't need to eat in to your creativity, in fact they can only enhance it.

We're not preaching we are just giving some advice. Remembering to take a little time out can reap so many benefits. The dichotomy is that when you are stressed it can be hard to remember these simple truths which is why we are here with some great ideas for relaxing places to visit to de-stress.

If you have your favourite places to visit to unwind and take time out we would love to hear about them, except you Bob from Barnet we are not going to add a brothel to the guide!

5 Places in London For Time Out Map

Last updated on 9/12/19, 2:23 AM

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