5 Most Romantic Hotels in London

Our top picks for the best and most romantic four and five star hotels in London including romantic hotels and boutique hotels in Soho and Mayfair

If you are planning a romantic weekend in London one of the first things you should be looking for is a romantic hotel. Of course romance is not about money and any prospective or current partner that judges your suitability as a mate on your willingness to sacrifice a month's wages for a flashy suite at The Ritz does likewise if your partner is doing that it might be fun but fun does not a life mate make.

A thoughtfully chosen itinerary;  a new gift wrapped vibrator, a small bottle of poppers; can all show the same kind of devotion and leave you more money for a fancy restaurant but at the same time if you are planning on presenting your physiological love in a modern and palatable way probably not great to serve it in a youth hostel.

Ying and yang. To make life easy we have picked ten of the most romantic hotels close to the centre of London at a few different price points.

Romantic 5 Star Hotels

Romantic 4 Star Hotels

If you had a romantic stay at a London hotel recently we would love to hear about it. Not only will you be helping to improve our London guide and London blog you can also earn London points which can be used to redeem exclusive offers at top London bars, restaurants, hotels and retailers.

5 Most Romantic Hotels in London Map

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