Michael William Balfe Grey Plaque Photo

Michael William Balfe grey plaque - Michael William Balfe (1808-1870) musical composer lived here

Michael William Balfe Grey Plaque Map

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George Eliot Blue Plaque - George Eliot 1819-1880 novelist died here
José Rizal Blue Plaque - Dr José Rizal 1861-1896 writer and national hero of the Philippines lived here
Pontefract Castle, London Bronze Plaque - Pontefract Castle. The 'Pontefract Castle' on Widmore St. (built between 1719 and 1746) got its name like many other buildings, streets and squares in Marylebone, they are named after the people who built up the area, the estates they held and their family titles.  The Duke of Newcastle had held Pontefract Castle in West Yorkshire for the King in 1642 during the English Civil War and it was John Cavendish Holles, Duke of Newcastle who had begun building the area in Marylebone in 1708.