Michael William Balfe Grey Plaque Photo

Michael William Balfe grey plaque - Michael William Balfe (1808-1870) musical composer lived here

Michael William Balfe Grey Plaque Map

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Samuel Pepys Brown Plaque - St James's Church. A Georgian church on a medieval site. St. Mary's Nunnery church was built here in the 12th century. Henry VIII closed the nunnery in 1539, but the church continued as Clerkenwell parish church. Diarist Samuel Pepys came here to look at the local beauties. It was rebuilt in 1792 to the designs of James Carr, a local architect, and has a fine organ by George England Pike.
Geoffrey Jellicoe Blue Plaque - Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe   1900-1996  landscape architect  lived here  1935-1984
George Basevi Blue Plaque - George Basevi 1794-1845 architect lived here