Myra Hess Blue Plaque Photo

Myra Hess blue plaque - Dame Myra Hess 1890-1965 pianist lived here

Myra Hess Blue Plaque Map

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Joan Sims Blue Plaque - Joan Sims Actress 1930-2001 lived here
Robert Adam, J. M. Barrie, John Galsworthy, And Thomas Hood Blue Plaque - Robert Adam, Thomas Hood, John Galsworthy, Sir James M. Barrie and other eminent artists and writers lived here
Sydney Stern Blue Plaque - The Rt. Honourable  Lord Wandsworth  lived here and gave this  building and the land  on which it stands to the Home  for the Aged Poor of the  Jewish Faith in memory  of his father  David Viscount de Stern  and his mother  Sophia Viscountess de Stern