Percy Bysshe Shelley And Mary Shelley Blue Plaque Photo

Percy Bysshe Shelley and Mary Shelley blue plaque - Percy Bysshe Shelley 1792-1822 poet & radical thinker & Mary Shelley 1797-1851 author of Frankenstein lived in a house on this site 1815-16

Percy Bysshe Shelley And Mary Shelley Blue Plaque Map

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James Hunt Blue Plaque - World Formula 1 Champion James Hunt lived here 1980-1982
Green Plaque № 5176 - Royal Air Force The Royal Air Force was formed and had its first headquarters here in the former Hotel Cecil 1st April 1918
Edgar Wallace Bronze Plaque - Edgar Wallace Reporter Born London 1875 Died Hollywood 1931 Founder member of the Company of Newspaper Makers He knew wealth & poverty, yet had walked with kings & kept his bearing. Of his talents he gave lavishly to authorship - but to Fleet Street he gave his heart.