Church Path, Mortlake Yellow Plaque Photo

Church Path, Mortlake yellow plaque - Church Path  This path forms part of an Old Straight Track from the village of Sheen to Mortlake church.  It was used for walking funerals until the 19th century when the railway cut across it.

Church Path, Mortlake Yellow Plaque Map

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Alfred Waterhouse Blue Plaque - Alfred Waterhouse 1830-1905 architect lived here
Richardson Evans Blue Plaque - Here lived Richardson Evans 1846–1928 protector of natural beauties
Ellen Terry, Charles Wyndham, And Queen's Theatre, Long Acre Black Plaque - Queen's  Theatre    The old Queen's Theatre  occupied this site for just eleven  years from 1867 to 1878 and was  renowned in its day, albeit fleetingly,  for the distinguished players, including  Ellen Terry and Charles Wyndham,  who trod its boards