Amelia Edwards Blue Plaque Photo

Amelia Edwards blue plaque - Amelia Edwards 1831-1892 Egyptologist and Writer lived here

Amelia Edwards Blue Plaque Map

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Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte Blue Plaque - Napoleon III lived here 1848
Richard Haldane Blue Plaque - Lord Haldane 1856-1928 statesman, lawyer and philosopher lived here
Henry Dudley Brass Plaque - In a house on this site  The Revd. Sir Henry Bate Dudley, Bt, M.A., LL.d., J.P.  1745 - 1824  lived 1802 - 1816    Critic, Playwright, first journalist to be designated Editor   Founder with David Garrick et al. 2 November 1772  of    The Morning Post  (Merged with The Daily Telegraph in 1937)    also founder of  The Morning Herald  1780 - 1869