George Grove Blue Plaque Photo

George Grove blue plaque - Sir George Grove 1820-1900 Promoter of Musical Knowledge lived here

George Grove Blue Plaque Map

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Vladimir Lenin Blue Plaque - Vladimir Ilyich Lenin 1870-1924 founder of the U.S.S.R. stayed in 1905 at 16 Percy Circus which stood on this site
Brown Plaque № 43662 - Kirkaldy Testing Works   This building was built in 1874 for David Kirkaldy (1820-1897). In 1857 Kirkaldy helped form the Institution of Engineers in Scotland and was the first person to set up a load testing machine for construction materials powerful enough to deal with the largest specimens. The original 48 foot long machine, able to apply a load of over 300 tones, is still in position today.
Leslie Stephen Blue Plaque - Sir Leslie Stephen 1832-1904 scholar and writer lived here