Thomas Tompion And George Graham Blue Plaque Photo

Thomas Tompion and George Graham blue plaque - On this site lived two famous clockmakers Thomas Tompion F.R.S.

Thomas Tompion And George Graham Blue Plaque Map

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Stanley Harold Randolph And Harry Richard Skinner White Plaque - In Memory of Auxiliary Firemen Stanley Harold Randolph and Harry Richard Skinner who died from injuries received as a result of enemy action near this site on the night of 16th/17th April 1941, while serving under Station 73 Euston.
Francis Pettit Smith Blue Plaque - Sir Francis Pettit Smith 1808-1874 pioneer of the screw propeller lived here 1864-1870
Frankie Howerd Blue Plaque - Frankie Howerd OBE 1917-1992 lived here 1966-1992