John Lubbock Blue Plaque Photo

John Lubbock blue plaque - Sir John Lubbock Baron Avebury (1834-1913) born here

John Lubbock Blue Plaque Map

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Willie Rushton Blue Plaque - Willie Rushton 1937-1996 satirist
Marie Lloyd, Eagle Tavern, Hackney, Grecian Theatre Pleasure Grounds, Grecian Saloon, And 1 Other - The Eagle Tavern, Grecian Theatre Pleasure Grounds, Grecian Saloon & Olympic Theatre stood here 1825-1899. Here Marie Lloyd, music hall artiste made her first public performance in 1885
Jacqui Smith Blue Plaque - Rt Hon Jacqui Smith, Home Secretary lived here 2008-Present while claiming £116,00 of taxpayers money on her 'second' home in Redditch. Best known for claiming expenses for her barbecue and husband's porn films.