Israel Zangwill Blue Plaque Photo

Israel Zangwill blue plaque - Israel Zangwill (1864-1926), writer and philanthropist, lived here.

Israel Zangwill Blue Plaque Map

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Henry Brougham Stone Plaque - Henry Peter, Lord Brougham.  Resided in this house for   the last 30 years of his life  Born 1778 - Died 1868
Hugh Lane Green Plaque - Hugh Lane Kt.  1876-1915  Director of the  National Gallery  of Ireland  lived here
Great Exhibition And Crystal Palace Multicoloured Plaque - British Isles & Empire exhibitors 7381    Foreign exhibitors 6556    Number of exhibits over 100,000    Duration of the exhibition 5 ½ months    Visitors 6,039,205    Cheapest ticket 1 shilling