Mary Wollstonecraft Green Plaque Photo

Mary Wollstonecraft green plaque - Mary Wollstonecraft 1759 - 1797 Writer, teacher and feminist opened a school for girls near this site in 1784

Mary Wollstonecraft Green Plaque Map

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Marie Lloyd Blue Plaque - Marie Lloyd 1870-1922 music hall artiste lived here
Peter II And Henry III Grey Plaque - Within these precincts stood the Palace of Savoy, the erection of which was begun by Peter, ninth Count of Savoy and Earl of Richmond, A.D 1246. Henry III King of England bestowed the site "in vico qui vocato la straunde" on February 12th 1246 and there was erected a palace, "the fayrest mannor in Europe" big enough for a large part of an army
Joseph Bazalgette Blue Plaque - Sir Joseph William Bazalgette 1819-1891 civil engineer lived here